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After reading this guide you will have a complete Vietnam Packing List. After travelling in Vietnam, I definitely learned the key items to pack and not to pack while touring the country. While it is difficult to keep things minimal, it is much better then over-packing.

There are many different cities and sights to see in Vietnam. There are hustling and bustling cities, beautiful countryside and relaxing beaches. The clothing packed is very similar regardless of your main travel plans. Especially because you will be doing a mix of activities, it is good to be prepared for anything specific you would like to do.

There are no strict clothing requirements in Vietnam, but if you are visiting temples and religious areas, you should pack something to cover your shoulders and legs.

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Step 1: Choosing the Right Clothes

The weather is quite hot. Having light-weight clothing that breathes is really important. If you are travelling during the rainy season, or not, this is something to keep in mind. The rainy season can still be quite refreshing to cool off.

There are many markets in every city in Vietnam. You can find lots of flowing hippie pants, sandals, t-shirts and tank tops and custom leather clothing. These will be great souvenirs and you can wear them while you are here.

I didn’t get any custom clothing, looking back, I wish I would have. The leather shoes and bags looked amazing in Hoi An. There are also many seamstresses at the local markets, where you can pick a fabric and a design and they make your cute outfits.

Women’s Clothing

Men’s Clothing

Men's Vietnam Travel Guide

Editor’s Note: I have some specific items included that help people who eat gluten free. I have celiac and eat gluten free while I travel across the globe. I have a specific set of items that are so helpful to make my trip a success. If you are gluten free, these will come in handy.

Step 2: Toiletries Packing List

Having your toiletry bag filled with your favourite products is very important. The product selection is very different in Vietnam so you may not be able to purchase it there. I always recommend having this bag nicely stocked with my essential items.

The sunscreen brands that I was used to, were highly priced in Vietnam and South East Asia in general. You should include one or two bottles of sunscreen in your luggage, depending on how long you will be staying. The bug spray is also a big consideration if you are used to getting bites. You never know the potency of Vietnamese brands, so pack a small bottle in your bag.

  • Shampoo, conditioner, and body gel
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Menstrual cup
  • Wet wipes
  • Lip balm
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Moisturizer and lotion
  • Sunblock (the brands you are used to are hard to find in Vietnam)
  • Deodorant
  • Makeup (keep it light, because it is hot outside)
  • Nail cutter and nail file
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Shampoo & body gel
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Chapstick
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Moisturizer
  • Sunblock
  • Deodorant
  • Nail cutter
  • Shaver

Step 3: Other Essential Items When Packing for Vietnam

Being organized and having all the tools with you helps a lot! Packing cubes are all the rave now and do help keep your luggage organized. It is sunny there, so bringing your sunglasses and stainless steel water bottle help keeps water cool during the day. I love to have my favourite snack foods with me. Then I can maintain my healthy eating habits and have convenient and tasty treats for my trip. Why not? You are worth it!

Step 4: Packing Electronics

I cannot resist taking oodles of photos when I travel to a new place. There is nothing better than looking back at your photos and walking down memory lane. That is why I have a great camera. I also have a GoPro to capture video and to take while snorkelling with the water-proof case. Headphones are a must while travelling for watching movies on the airplane and to listen to music while on the beach or working out. I do not leave home without a power pack so my electronics can be charged during the day when I am out and about.

Step 5: Health & Essential Documents

Making sure you have all of your travel and medical documents with you is so important. Medications are completely different from country to country. Coming prepared with these things can ease any stress you have if you need them.

Travel documents are super important. You will need your passport, VISA, return ticket and travel insurance. Things can happen while travelling, so ensuring you have travel insurance helps with dealing with this. I have seen lots of people injured while motorcycling around so it can happen.

Travelling with celiac, allergies, or other conditions is completely possible. You will just need to take a few more items with you in your suitcase.

  • Personal medical essentials
  • Celiac restaurant card in Vietnamese
  • Gluten Ease or Charcoal
  • Copies of all of your prescriptions/immunizations and your doctor’s phone number
  • Allergy meds, asthma inhalers, & eye drops
  • Mints or ginger to aid digestion and upset stomach
  • Passport
  • VISA
  • Return Ticket
  • Insurance – Click the link below to get a quote.

Transportation in Vietnam

I have included the flight, bus and hired car options below for you. Transportation in Vietnam can be easy if you know what the options are.

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Other Advice for the Vietnam Travel Checklist

 “Have the Best Time Ever. Get out and Explore.”

You will have a fantastic time in Vietnam. Whenever possible, pack light and keep your mind focused on packing your essential items. Clothes can be easily purchased while you are in Vietnam, so don’t go overboard on packing tons of clothes.

If you focus on your toiletries, documents, electronics with a light clothing amount, you will do great. Even in the rainy season, it is really hot. So all of your clothes should be light and should pack well.

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