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While I was in Honolulu I was looking for a gluten free meal and I found the US chain restaurant, PF Changs. I was so excited to find a restaurant that offers gluten free. I have not seen this chain restaurant in Canada, so it was my first time there.

PF Changs Gluten Free Menu

For the Gluten Free Menu, click here. They let you know exactly what sauces they use in the different meals right on the menu, which gave me a lot of confidence that they know what they are doing.

I had the broccoli and beef, singapore street noodles and I even had the sorbet for dessert. All the meals were fantastic and the atmosphere at the restaurant was very nice.

PF Changs - How were the Gluten Free Meals?

I asked the waitress about how the gluten free meals are prepared and she told me that all meals are prepared in a separate area with different utensils and woks.

The restaurant staff also brought my meal out and verified that it was a gluten free meal and it had a specific plate which is dedicated to gluten free meals. This was all leading me to conclude that this restaurant takes celiac very seriously and I was pumped.

The issue of cross contamination is serious for someone with celiac. The fact that they had a separate area gave me comfort that the issue was taken care of.

PF Changs Gluten Free - Gluten Testing

I used my Nima Gluten Sensor there and had an error test. I was making some rookie mistakes in the first month of using Nima. Check out this link to see how I was over-stuffing the capsules so you don’t make the same mistake. Even though there was an error, I was happy with the responses I received at the restaurant. The waitress made me feel comfortable that all of the staff are educated in how to correctly deal with the issue of cross contact.

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PF Changs Menu Honolulu

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