Travelling Gluten Free on China Airlines to Bangkok, Thailand

A statue in a temple in Bangkok Thailand

We are on our way to Bankgkok and it is my first time eating gluten free in Bangkok and it is my first time eating gluten free in Thailand. We leave Honolulu for Thailand in the afternoon and are flying with China Airlines to Bangkok. I was beyond happy with their service on this airline. They board the back of the plane first and then proceed forward to the front of the plane. I never understood boarding the plane from the front to the back. And they turn away people who aren’t in the section that they are boarding, which I almost never see. This is my pet peeve.

The flight from Honolulu to Bangkok was 10 hours. During that time the airline was able to serve me two tasty gluten free meals, which I was ecstatic about. I did test them with my NIMA gluten tester to be sure and they were gluten free! The first meal was chicken and rice with a fruit bowl. The second meal was fish and potatoes with a fruit bowl. All in all, tasty meals that I didn’t get sick from! Click the link for more on the gluten free airline meal.

Before takeoff a stewardess came to confirm that I had gluten free meals ordered. This also reduces the stress load as you can see that they take it seriously.

We had a short layover in Taiwan and then had a three-hour flight to Bangkok and they served me a full gluten free meal on that short flight too. I was so full that I packed up the meal for later in Bangkok, because we didn’t have a kitchen at the hotel our friend had booked.

Gluten free in Bangkok

Fun Things in Bangkok

We were in Bangkok for 2 nights and one full day. Bangkok was hectic, crazy and smog filled, but still a sight to see. We went to the main temple and it was our first sight-seeing in the country and it was truly beautiful. We walked through a street market where we smelt a lot of different smells and saw people cooking pigs with a blow torch. While I wasn’t going to venture to eat the street meat, this was even more of a deterrent for my husband and his friend to try it.

At first no taxi wanted to take us to our hotel, apparently it was too far. When we did actually find one he tried taking us far away from our hotel to ‘pretend’ to shop for ten minutes in a suit/dress tailor shop. The shop had a super weird vibe and older men staring at us, so we ditched the store and taxi pretty quickly.

Trying to navigate the streets with all the cars, motorcycles and scooters was like a flash back to a Nintendo game where pedestrians must beware and run if you need to, even if there is a cross walk. When we were in vehicles, I would have mini-strokes from the crazy driving, it is all part and parcel. All that happened in the one day we were there!

Gluten free travel in Bangkok

Bangkok Gluten Free

I survived on my left-over flight meal, granola bars, raw fruit and vegetables and eating at Theera Healthy Bake Room – The Original Bake Room. If you would like to check out the website of the restaurant, see it here. They have multiple locations, so see if you are staying near any of them.

If you are looking for the Ultimate Celiac Guide: Gluten Free in Thailand, click the link.

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Cheers, I hope you enjoyed my lovely trek,

Brett Duncan – The Ultimate Gluten Free Traveller

PS – Remember to wear sleeves and pants, skirts or shorts that go past the knee when visiting the temples.

Gluten free travel in Bangkok

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