Three Best Gluten Free Hamburger Buns

gluten free hamburger buns

The days are becoming longer and you can actually be outside to enjoy the weather. That is when my BBQ skills get put to work the most. I have looked at many gluten free hamburger buns and I have my favourite now.

Buying Gluten Free Buns?

I like to do meal planning. So that means I have my meal ingredients on my grocery list before I go, so I can everything I need once I get home and get cooking. Nothing makes me mad, like when I cannot find something I need at the grocery store. Sometimes I am quick on my feet to find an alternative and sometimes I feel like I need to have a tantrum in the grocery aisle.

What I have learned from these experiences, is that sometimes I just need to order some products online, so I can have a stock of them always available to me. I find it easier to do meal planning because I already have them frozen in my freezer, so I can get some meal ideas just with looking at what I have.

Gluten Free Hamburger Buns

There is nothing worst than having a small bun and a big burger. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating, but it is annoying. That is why the size of the bun matters.

You also don’t want the bun to completely crumble when you touch it, because then it is less a burger and more of a casserole. But I am happy to see so many companies try to master gluten free baking, because I am not good at it.

gluten free buns
gluten free buns

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Gluten Free Bun

I like to eat hamburgers and sloppy joes for lunch or supper. They are some of those comfort foods that just feels good. I know that I am not alone, so keep reading to find out what my recommendation is.

Like I already mentioned, size is important too, because no one wants a bun that is smaller than the burger!

The taste of the bun is clearly important because we still need food that tastes good to us. Not to mention, we are likely feeding people who don’t need to eat gluten free and we want them to enjoy it too.

Criteria: Texture, size, price and taste

Score: 1 is the lowest rating and 5 is the highest rating.

Ingredients Water, potato flour, corn starch, tapioca starch, white rice flour, buckwheat flour, xanthan gum, cellulose, yeast, rice bran, salt, psyllium husk, sourdough (fermented quinoa, rice, and maize flour), pea fiber, canola oil, glucono-delta-lactone, citric acid (mold inhibitor), malic acid (mold inhibitor), Tartaric acid (mold inhibitor), ascorbic acid, millet flakes.
Calories for 1 bun Calories 120
Allergens Gluten free; Dairy free; Soy free; Kosher; Vegan
Number of buns in a package 4 buns included​
Texture 4 The untoasted bun is a little bit gritty, but it is really good toasted.
Size of bun 5 Large bun.​
Price 4 $ 5.29 USD (can change and be different by location).​
Taste 5 They have a great flavour.
Ingredients Water, brown rice flour, corn starch, tapioca starch, eggs, corn dextrin, sugar, canola oil, honey, potato flour, baking powder, yeast, rice bran, xanthan gum, salt vinegar, enzymes. Contains eggs.
Calories for 1 bun Calories 200
Allergens Gluten free; Milk free; Soy free
Number of buns in a package 4 buns included.
Texture 5 The texture is soft, fluffy and chewy. Doesn’t crumble easily.​
Size of bun. 5 Large bun.​
Price 4 $ 5.79 USD (can change and be different by location).
Taste 4 They taste amazing. ​
Ingredients Water, sourdough (water, rice flour), rice starch, corn starch, millet flour, psyllium seed husks (vegetable fiber), sugar, rice syrup, sunflower oil, salt, modified cellulose, yeast, soy protein, calcium citrate, niacin, iron, thiamin, riboflavin. *Contains soy.
Calories for 1 bun Calories 170
Allergens Gluten free; Milk free; Egg free; Lactose free
Number of buns in package 4 buns included
Texture 3 Crumble a little bit, but texture was ok.
Size of bun 3 Small to medium sized bun.
Price 3 $ 6.09 USD (can change and be different by location.​
Taste 4 The taste was good and was really good toasted.

Best Gluten Free Hamburger Buns

This was a close one, but the best one is Three Bakers Whole Grain Gluten-Free Hamburger Buns. There was good taste and texture, which is always important. Another big factor is whether you can actually eat your burger without the bun crumbling. And the Three Bakers bun was pretty good in this regard.

Gluten Free Burger Buns

While I may not eat these products daily, they are definitely part of my meals in the summer. I haven’t been able to find the Three Bakers products in my home town, so I order those online. I can find the Schar products in the freezer aisle, so sometimes I purchase those.

If you want to know about the Best Gluten Free Breads, click the link. OR, find out the Best Gluten Free Bagels.

If you have other favourites, I would love to hear about them so I can try them too! Email me at GlutenFreeTraveller. Follow me on FacebookYouTube Instagram and Pinterest.

Be aware that product information can change. Please read labels before consuming to be sure it’s safe for your dietary needs.

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