Three Best Gluten Free Breads

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best gluten free breads

Everyone wants to have quick and easy lunches and snacks. Just because you cannot eat gluten doesn’t mean that you cannot have quick meals too! That is why I am giving you the best gluten free breads to narrow down your choices. For some of us, gluten isn’t the only thing that we don’t eat, so seeing that some are soy free, nut free and egg free are an extra bonus.

Best Gluten Free Bread

It is important to figure out what makes the best gluten free bread for you. Sometimes it is just the cost, sometimes it the overall ingredients if you are allergic or cannot eat other ingredients or it could just be the texture and taste of the bread.

Once you decide what YOUR important factors are, you can find the best fit for you and your family. If you have kids, you know that they can be really picky about eating ANYTHING. That means that whatever they like, you will buy.

Best Tasting Gluten Free Bread

The best tasting gluten free bread would have a nice chewy yet soft texture, with a fresh, yeasty sweetness. No one likes the dry and holey piece of bread that is tasteless. But I know I have had so many different brands that just did not taste good at all. So that is why I wanted to give you my three best tasting gluten free breads to assess for yourself.

I am going to focus on sandwich bread brands to really narrow down the sandwich options for easy picking.

best tasting gluten free bread
best tasting gluten free bread

This post is NOT sponsored. Every opinion you find here is 100% honest. Some of the links are affiliate, whereby you receive the item for the same price, but I receive a small commission to help the website operating costs to give lots of free gluten free information.

Good Gluten Free Bread

Let’s use a score card with criteria to figure out what is good gluten free bread. Like I said, the texture and taste of the bread are super important. Texture will get a good score if it is fluffy bread. For size, if it is super tiny than it will get a lower score. Price is tricky, because every budget is different, and we really cannot compare it to the gluten filled bread prices. The price score will have to be based on the comparable gluten free breads. Taste will get a low score if it is dry with no flavour.

Criteria: Texture, size of slice of bread, price and taste

Scoring: 1 is the lowest possible score and 5 is the highest possible score.

Three Bakers 7 Ancient Grain Gluten-Free Bread
Ingredients Water, whole grain brown rice flour, tapioca starch, corn starch, whole grain millet flour, whole grain sorghum flour, whole grain teff flour, egg whites, corn dextrin, cane sugar, non-GMO canola oil, potato flour, honey, rice bran extract, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, whole grain quinoa, whole grain teff, ground flax seeds, flax seeds, whole grain millet, whole grain amaranth flour, hemp seeds, baking powder, yeast, xantham gum, salt, vinegar enzymes (calcium sulfate and enzymes).
Calories for 2 slices Calories 190
Allergens Gluten free; Dairy free; Soy free

Three Bakers have interesting flavors of bread with 7 Ancient Grains, White Whole Grain, Rye, Whole Grain and 5 Seeds, Whole Grain and 7 Seed and Cinnamon Raisin.

Texture 4 This bread has great texture and is perfect for sandwiches.
Size of slice 5 Large loaf.​
Price 4 $ 6.79 USD (can change and be different by location).​
Taste 5 Fluffy and yeasty taste. I can't tell it is gluten free.
Dr. Schar Artisan Baker Gluten-Free White Bread
Ingredients Water, rice starch, sourdough (water, rice flour), corn starch, agave syrup, sunflower oil, soy protein, modified cellulose, psyllium seeds husks (vegetable fiber), guar gum, millet flour, yeast, sugar, quinoa flour, salt, citrus fiber, honey, calcium citrate, niacin, iron, thiamine, riboflavin
Calories for 2 slices Calories 170
Allergens Gluten free; Milk free; Egg free

Schar has White, 10 Grains and Seeds, Multigrain and Deli Style.

Texture 4 Bread is not crumbly at all. Works well for lunches.
Size of loaf 4 Medium loaf.
Price 3 $ 7.29 USD (can change and be different by location).​
Taste 5 They have a great flavour.
ODoughs Gluten-Free White Bread Loaf
Ingredients Water, potato starch, soya, tapioca flour, sunflower oil, baker's yeast, whole grain rice flour, chickpea flour, cellulose fibre, glycerine, sea salt, xanthan gum, organic evaporated cane juice, baking powder, baking soda, sesame seeds. Contains: soy, sesame seeds
Calories for 2 slices Calories 240
Allergens Gluten free; Milk free; Corn free; Egg Free and Kosher

O’Doughs has White, Flax Loaf and Multigrain.

Texture 5 Awesome for sandwiches and stays together well.
Size of loaf 4 Medium-sized loaf.
Price 4 $ 6.99 USD (can change and be different by location).​
Taste 5 They have a great flavour. My favourite is B&J sandwiches.

What is The Best Gluten Free Bread?

Based on my scoring the best gluten free bread is the ODoughs Gluten-Free White Bread Loaf, with second being Three Bakers 7 Ancient Grain and third being the Dr. Schar Artisan Baker Gluten-Free White Bread.

I loved the overall texture, size and price of the ODoughs white loaf and it was great for regular sandwiches and for yummy toasted tomatoes and bacon sandwiches!

Tips on getting the Best Price for Gluten Free Bread

You can purchase these products on-line and wait until there is a sale and get a bigger quality. I usually purchase 5 or more loaves at a time and freeze them for when I want them. The only downside of freezing is that it does sometimes compromise the dryness of the loaf of bread. I guess you cannot win all of the gluten free bread battles, but I love to save money.

Best Gluten Free Breads

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Also, for the Best Gluten Free Buns see my top three picks. What are your favourite brands?

If you have other favourites, I would love to hear about them so I can try them too! If you have any questions, reach out and send me an email at GlutenFreeTraveller. Send me a comment below or email. Follow me on FacebookYouTubeInstagram, and Pinterest.

Be aware that product information can change. Please read labels before consuming to be sure it’s safe for your dietary needs.

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