Travelling and Eating Gluten Free in Bogota, Colombia

Bright Little Houses in Bogota Colombia

I can now share the story of how to eat Gluten Free in Bogota, Colombia. We were lucky enough to know people in Bogota who could show us around.This is really a life-saver and offers the unique experience we are always looking for. The city is massive at just over 8 million people in 2018 … Read more

Travelling along Colombia’s coast and Eating Gluten Free from Cartagena to Santa Marta

Boat on the ocean in Colombia

I spent three weeks in Colombia and tell you how to eat gluten free in Cartagena, Colombia and how to travel gluten free in Santa Marta, Colombia. It was our first time in Colombia and we had no idea what to expect. I was excited to have lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and seafood … Read more