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NIMA Gluten Sensor Testing Gluten free

Testing with NIMA Gluten Sensor to see if there is gluten in my food. This is the first time that I used it and I didn’t do much research about exactly what I should be testing and how to do it. I am someone who learns by doing. That  being said, I make mistakes along the way and that can be annoying. Live and learn right?

How Does Nima Sensor Work

Here I am at my parents house and my mom made soup. We were not sure about one of the ingredients so we tested it with NIMA. Why not test it when in doubt? I think it is an awesome invention. For the soup specifically, I would have had to just add the liquid since it basically comes into contact with everything else in the soup. Instead, here I added a small piece of a vegetable, but it did work, so no harm, no foul.

As I travel around the world I will use it to help me eat gluten free and keep the evil gluten protein from taking me down.

Want to see my top 3 tips when using the Nima Gluten Sensor? Click here to see how I test for gluten.

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Is This Product For You?

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Testing with NIMA

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Cheers, I hope you enjoyed my lovely trek,

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