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We were looking to settle down and get out of the hectic big city life of Thailand and looking for a relaxing holiday in Thailand. We extended our stay in this quaint town of Khanom after a few days because it was peaceful and slow paced. There are a lot of busy beaches in Thailand, but here we had miles of beach to ourselves.

The driving is crazy compared to anything in North America. We tried a scooter in Khanom because it was slower paced and it was a good place to start.

Best Secluded Beach in Thailand

You will go to many packed beaches in Thailand if you travel the country. If you want the best secluded beach in Thailand, you better check out Khanom before it is overrun with people. Watch how we relaxed in Thailand and see if you would like it too.


Less Toursity Places in Thailand

We were able to walk the beach at any time of the day and we would only meet a few people. It was truly the quiet retreat that we were looking for. The only thing we would see for miles was ocean and beach.

The people were friendly and we found the best coffee place there that reminded me of back home.

Khanom is home to approximately 30,000 people right on the Gulf of Thailand. The homes are spread around, so it seems smaller than it is. We were a 10 minute bike ride away from the city center and it was a perfect spot. As we would bike around, it was clear that the locals were into fishing and agriculture.

There are beautiful waterfalls and caves to explore. There is a large jungle area where we would see monkeys and gorillas just hanging around.

When to Visit

You can visit most of the year and get fantastic weather. The only windy time is the monsoon season and that runs from November to near the end of December. Either way, you will have a great time in Khanom, just like we did.


There isn’t any public transportation, because it is a small place. We rented a scooter from our accommodation place and the traffic was not that hectic. Unlike other places, where the traffic is just so crazy. Other than that, we had bikes at our disposal at our accommodation and used those all of the time too.

Thailand Beach

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