Places To See In Ao Nang, Thailand

The beach in Ao Nang

There are many places to see in Ao Nang and Krabi and I will tell you what is worth seeing. I was excited to see the beautiful islands around the Krabi area that I saw on Instagram. As we arrived from Khanom which had a slower pace we were expecting a lot of things to do and it did not disappoint. There are exciting places to see in Ao Nang.

Transportation To Krabi

We took a bus from the Seatran Donsak Pier to Krabi for a three hour ride using a company called Phantip. It cost 500 baht for both of us which is about $21 CAD dollars. Their number is +66(0)8 7444 9405 or click here for their website. Upon arrival at the pier, don’t expect it to be organized. It was chaotic but some how it worked out.

Where To Stay

We chose to stay in Ao Nang after getting many recommendations for the area. Our Airbnb was adorable and it was a 20 walk to the beach. You can also use to see what they have. Everyone seems to want to use a scooter but we mainly walked. We did rent a scooter for a few days whenever we wanted to see a different area and see some other places to see in Ao Nang.
Phi Phi Island

Things to do in Ao Nang


When you get to the beach, find where the long-tail boats are congregating. Take a long-tail boat to West Railay beach. It was busy but beautiful with enough room to fit everyone. The cliff views surrounding the bay where people were swimming are breathtaking. One of the nicest places that I have ever seen. A long-tail boat will cost 200 baht per person return, about $8 CAD dollars.

Lounge and relax and have a beach day. The beaches along Ao Nang are nice and you can find secluded areas if you do not mind walking to the west. If you do not want to spend money, you can find a nice secluded area on the beach. Later in the day, there is a low tide and you can walk out into where the water was during the day. You can spot hundreds of little crabs and it is fun to walk out there.

Railay Beach Activities: Island Adventures

Rent a kayak and go out into the water, which will cost 200 baht, again about $8 CAD dollars. You can literally go in caves and through the rock islands, you can’t beat it. And don’t forget about the other parts off Railay, like Phra Nang Princess Cave where there are wooden penises which are supposed to be offerings to Phallus of Shiva from local fisherman.

See an amazing clip about the adventure:


We also took an island tour, there are many to choose from. The islands are beautiful and had crystal-clear water. The tours varied in prices from $30 – $50 CAD dollars. There was some room to negotiate a lower price. If we could do this all over again, we would rent a smaller boat and do it on our own. The tour was a bit rushed. If you rent your own, you can go to an island and take a swim or snorkel at your leisure. If there is a group of people travelling together, this would be the best way to do it. You would keep you costs down and get a better experience.

Regular Stuff to do in Krabi Thailand

We love to people watch along the water or store fronts. You can see the hustle and bustle of the city and meet some other travellers or visit with some locals.

Most people who have travelled in Thailand will tell you that you are lucky if you don’t get food poisoning. I guess I count myself lucky, because I didn’t. My husband did however get food poisoning so we had to spend a few down days at our place. I love the meals that I make, and I think my husband won’t be eating out much more in Thailand either. I will stick to buying fresh fruits and vegetables from the markets for very cheap and making good meals at home.

Want to see some other fun places to go in Thailand? This is the most secluded beach in Thailand. You have to check out this little fishing village in Khanom.

Railay Beach Kayaking

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