Nima Gluten Sensor Saved Me!

A dish and Nima Gluten Sensor

I used the Nima Gluten Sensor at a restaurant that advertised gluten free meal options. I brought along my trusty Nima Gluten Sensor and it saved me. The meal looked delicious but before I ate it, I used the one-time use capsules and it came back with ‘Gluten Found.’ While I was bummed that I could not eat it, I was grateful that I did not eat it.

Gluten Food Detector

The manager/owner took the situation very seriously and got to the bottom of it. I am happy to help out restaurants and notify them of any issues. If my experience will help others not get sick in the future, it is worth it.

This is such an anxiety reducing tool that we now have to safely eat out in restaurants. Of course you must always do your due diligence and ask all the right questions about ingredients and how restaurants deal with cross contamination. In this situation I had a language barrier and I was in a country where there is little knowledge about celiac.


Gluten Detector

Just click the link if you want to see my top 3 tips when using the Nima Gluten Sensor.

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