Can you Fly Gluten Free with Air Asia?

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Have you ever wondered if you can fly gluten free with Air Asia? Flying around the world when you have celiac can make you a bit anxious. I was using Air Asia on my travels in Southeast Asia and started by looking at their website online. It looked like they had allergens listed on many items, but not always. Consistency is important for anyone with celiac. Not all meal options are available on all flights.

Flying Gluten Free

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Does Air Asia have Gluten Free Meals?

I ended up calling them and asked about a gluten-free meal from Vietnam to Indonesia. The call center employee looked up the options on that particular flight and there were no options for me. He reviewed each option and they all said that they had gluten. He also said that I should bring my own food and if I get any hassle to tell them that since they cannot provide me with food that I can safely eat that I was advised to bring my own. This is very sensible advice and I do this already for most of my travels. You can access their website here if you want to see what they have or call their call center, if you need the number check it out here.

What Was the Flight Like?

While we were waiting for our flight to board with Air Asia I noticed signs saying, ‘Outside food and drink not allowed on board.’ I had read this on forums about this carrier, but I could not abide by it. Since I could not pre-order anything, I had a cooked rice dish, fresh vegetables and 5 bananas in my bag. I had some food on-board and no one said a word to me.  I also saw others eating items that they had purchased at the airport, so I was not alone. Gluten free on Air Asia is not available on any of the flights that I took.

Air Asia Gluten Free

When I looked at their on-flight purchase menu, this is what I found, the only item that specified gluten free:

Air Asia Gluten FreeIn case you missed it, check out my article about flying gluten free with China Airlines, you won’t want to miss it. At Air Asia, they do have the allergens listed on many of the meals, so hopefully one day their options will be expanded for us who have celiac or eat gluten free for other reasons.

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