What Has Gluten Free Travel Done for Me?

gluten free travel

It might seem obvious that travel has many benefits because everyone does it. But when you have a dietary restriction, the excitement may tend to dwindle. That is why I want to explore what gluten free travel has done for me.

Gluten Free Holidays

Having fabulous gluten free holidays should be a focus for anyone who needs to eat gluten free. It is possible to plan and execute a flawless trip that you do not get sick AND have a wonderful time.

I have travelled to almost 20 countries eating gluten free and have gained immense knowledge about how to do it successfully.

Gluten Free Abroad

In my opinion, I have had a total reduction in anxiety about travelling gluten free the more I do it. I have lived for almost two years abroad in totally different and new countries. Whether the country had a lot of knowledge about celiac or not, I was able to navigate it effectively.

I delve into exactly how my anxiety has been reduced in the following article about How to Live a Gluten Free Lifestyle You Have Always Wanted.

Gluten Free Vacations

What does travel do for you? I have thought a lot about how my experience with travel has shaped my world view. With hindsight, I can see the incredible growth I have made over time. I know that everyone is different, but here are my top 5 reasons why travel is so important:

  • It helps you discover yourself;
  • It lets you get lost and then re-find yourself;
  • It gives us a break from the day to day of our regular lives;
  • Expands our awareness of people and cuisines; and
  • It helps us connect with other people and other cultures.

The list can really go on and on about the positive impacts that travel has on people. Here I tried to think about what my life would be like without the travel:

Celiac Vacations

If after your diagnosis, you do not know how to plan a celiac vacation, then there are tools out there to help you. I write free gluten free travel guides to help anyone that needs to eat gluten free. I have some tried and true spots that I eat at.

I also have a travel tool that I use while in foreign countries where I cannot speak the language or if there are big cultural differences. 

Here is where you can learn all about my Travel Tool to Test Food For Gluten.

GF Travel

While some may see challenges with travelling and eating gluten free, I see opportunity. No matter whether I am travelling in Canada, US, Europe or South-east Asia, I can find delicious food to eat. I do my research and explore markets. This is all part of my journey.

Exploration of a countries cuisine and food markets is key to learning about the country. While some people may travel and eat at restaurants that offer the same things they eat at home, I do not. I discover all the new foods and things that locals experience. I get to learn how other people live and that is a big reason why I travel.

What Has Gluten Free Travel Done for Others?

I have asked many of my fellow gluten free travellers to reflect on what travel has done for them and here are some insightful reflections:

  • Connecting with people from other countries has made me more empathetic and open to other people’s opinions.
  • Travelling has more importance to me than any of my material possessions.
  • Our family has gotten closer as we experience new things together.
  • I have learnt so many new recipes when I travel.

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Get the Best Gluten Free Travel Guide and More….

Gluten Free Travel Guide Cover Page
  • Discover the Best Way to Travel Gluten Free.
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What Has Gluten Free Travel Done for Me?

 After embracing my new gluten free life, I knew I had to make changes. I learned how to cook delicious food that was safe for me. I got excited to take it to the next level, by getting out of my comfort zone and I am not looking back.

I hope to inspire others to live life to the fullest. Don’t let a dietary restriction hold you back from exploring and seeing things you have always wanted to.

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Brett – The Ultimate Gluten Free Traveller

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Get the Best Gluten Free Travel Guide and More….​

Gluten Free Travel Guide Cover Page

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