Gluten Free Fast Food and Gluten Free Restaurants in Victoria, BC

Victoria BC waterfront

The ultimate list of gluten free food chains in Canada and the United States can be found in a neat list, a dream come true for everyone who needs to eat gluten free. If you are travelling to BC and visiting the area of Victoria, Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands you will be in heaven with a full list of gluten free restaurants in the area.

The Celiac Scene

Imagine arriving to a city where there were many restaurants that you can eat gluten free at and you get pamphlets about gluten free deals at the local grocery stores. While it may seem like a dream, this is the reality for people in the Victoria, Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands. I was blown away by the information that I could find on website. This is just an awesome resource for those people who live in the area or are just visiting on holidays. It is helpful for anyone who wants to keep up to date with gluten free and celiac related developments. The president is Ellen Bayers and she is truly an inspiration from one person with celiac to another.

Gluten Free Victoria, BC

While there is a huge list of Ellen’s accomplishments, I would suggest that the most amazing thing that The Celiac Scene does is works with restaurants, retailers and industry stakeholders to make gluten free more within our grasp. Information in the right hands is after all, the most powerful thing. Imagine going somewhere and being able to access more than 100 restaurants that someone who eats gluten free can successfully eat at. I am hopeful that one day there will be a resource for this in all major cities across Canada.

The home page has tons of information:

  • recent gluten free developments,
  • all the up-coming gluten free events throughout the region are highlighted with restaurants and their menus that you can safely eat at as someone needs to eat gluten free,
  • gluten free deals in the area by local stores – I was blown away by this section,
  • amazing gluten free recipes are highlighted because everyone is looking for new and exciting things to make,
  • and finally, a map of all the restaurants in the area that have options!

Gluten Free Fast Food Canada and United States

Just because we have celiac or need to eat gluten free doesn’t mean that we don’t need to or can’t eat gluten free fast food. Of course, the rule of thumb is to always do your due diligence and ask the required questions before eating anywhere. The Celiac Scene has a list of chains in Canada that you can eat at to get a full list of gluten free food chains, click here.

The list doesn’t stop at Canadian chains, it goings into the United States as well, click here.

Gluten Free Restaurants Victoria, BC

Specific to the Victoria area there are over 100 gluten free restaurants in Victoria that provide gluten free meals and another 100 across the Gulf Islands as well. Click here for the list.

If you are living in this area and haven’t been on The Celiac Scene website yet, do not wait, it will provide you with helpful information. Or if you are going to visit the area, do not forget about this wonderful resource.

You can stay up to date by following TheCeliacScene on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

British Columbia is just a wonderful mix of gorgeous nature and adventure. You can even eat out safely as a celiac!


Do you know of other places that have this much awesome information? If you do, let me know. Send me a comment below or email. Follow me on Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest.

Cheers, I hope you enjoyed my lovely trek,

Brett Duncan – The Ultimate Gluten Free Traveller

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