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gluten anxiety while traveling

When it comes to having celiac and eating gluten free, many of us come up with a list of reasons why a vacation or even a short trip is not a good idea. These roadblocks stood in my way too. Over time, I have been able to find ways to overcome my fears and find practical solutions. This changed my mindset and opened new possibilities for me. Now, I have travelled to 18 countries while eating gluten free.

Gluten Anxiety

Everyone who has the unfortunate situation of getting a diagnosis that they need to have a gluten free lifestyle will get anxiety about what this means for them. It is only a small protein that affects us, but it touches all aspects of our life.

Anxiety with Celiac

While anxiety effects everyone, everyone deals with it a little bit differently. People who have gained some experience over the years with how to navigate this life get better at it. Personally, the more and more I get outside of my comfort zone, the more I learn to adapt to it.

At the beginning of my gluten free journey, I made lots of mistakes and didn’t ask all the questions that I should have when I ate out. I quickly learned that I need to take my health seriously and I didn’t need to apologize for being a nuisance.

Read this to see how Gluten Free Travel has changed  my life.

Celiac Roadblocks

Here are some roadblocks that I faced about travelling after I was diagnosed and how I changed my mindset into something positive:

Road block: If I must cook, then it isn’t a vacation.

Change in Mindset: If I do meal planning, I can spend only a few hours cooking for the whole trip AND I can find some awesome places to eat out safely.

Road block: I will just get sick through cross contamination, so why bother.

Change in Mindset: I can eat out with my family and friends and have a great time if I do some research and find gluten free places where I can eat.

Road block: I don’t know where to go.

Change in Mindset: I can find some awesome places for my family to visit. I will try to find a nice apartment that will fit my family with an awesome kitchen.

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More Gluten Free Roadblocks

Road block: It is difficult to plan a trip around where I can eat.

Change in Mindset: I can schedule some time tonight and tomorrow to find some gluten free restaurants in the city I want to go to.

Road block: I get so much anxiety thinking about it, so I won’t relax.

Change in Mindset: This week I can spend an evening planning exactly where we want to go and I will already have one thing done!

Road block: I don’t get to enjoy a vacation like everyone else does.

Change in Mindset: I am going to have an awesome time with my family and friends. I am not going to let my disease lessen my life experiences.

Road block: I hate being a bother to other people.

Change in Mindset: I don’t have to apologize for looking after my health.

Road block: I don’t have time to plan out the trip.

Change in Mindset: I can schedule a few hours this week finding two options that would be fabulous.

Gluten Free and Anxiety

I have come so far in my personal journey. I have become a woman who advocates for her health to others, who will teach others about autoimmune diseases and try to provide insight for what it takes to look after my health.

Teaching others has helped me get a better support system. Now, the people around me at home, work and friends know what I need to be happy and healthy. This added support also helps with anxiety because I don’t have to feel like I am high maintenance.

Here are some Inspiring Gluten Free Quotes to get your motivated.

Gluten Free Anxiety Gone

You can see that mindset changes completely make things possible that you never thought were. You and yourself alone were getting in the way. Once you take those away, you become your own best friend again.

So where are you going to eat while in a foreign country across the globe? See what I have been up to: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.

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Get the Best Gluten Free Travel Guide and More….​

Gluten Free Travel Guide Cover Page

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