The Three Best Cooking Classes in Da Nang

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If you are looking for some fun cooking classes in Da Nang, you will not be disappointed. Trying a local cooking class is one of the best ways to dive into the new culture. If you want to learn something new and meet people, then a cooking class is perfect. I was in Da Nang for a month and I really fell in love with the city.

The history of Vietnam has shaped the cuisine in the country. It has been in political conflict and war which has left the country with a large part of their population living in poverty. Utilizing every part of an animal, vegetables and fruits are enshrined in the culture. That is a big difference between the Western world where we are a little more wasteful and picky about getting good cuts of meat and polished fruit.

Dining in Vietnam

If you have the chance to dine with Vietnamese people, take it. They are very friendly people who are always smiling. Getting an individual rice bowl with many dishes to eat in a communal way is the Vietnamese way.

During one of the classes below, you get to enjoy a meal with the family of the chef. If you are looking for something really authentic, that would be right up your alley.

Best Cooking classes in Vietnam

Exploring a new country by exploring the cuisine is a great way to get creative. Starting with the raw ingredients and creating a delicious and colourful dish is lots of fun. You also walk away with some new cooking skills and more confidence in the kitchen. For three cool cooking classes in Da Nang, read on.

This is a unique experience of going to a local farm where the food is grown to get hands-on experience. You will learn about the farming techniques of local farmers, get a fabulous cooking class and get a rural life experience in Vietnam.

You get a pick-up and drop-off and the whole day is very convenient. You also get a traditional foot massage, which is awesome after a day on your feet.

Make sure to let them know about dietary restrictions when booking.

Vietnam market with woman carrying vegetables

This is a very traditional experience where you are welcomed into someone’s home to interact and get a completely local and cultural experience.

The meals revolve around the seasonal fruits and vegetables, which adds the greatest flavour possible. You will learn all about preparing traditional cuisines and get to enjoy it in a communal way with the whole family. What an experience.

Always let them know about allergies and dietary restrictions at the time of booking.

3 Easy Gluten Free Vietnamese Meals Recipes


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You start by visiting a local market to hand pick your ingredients. You can learn all about the new fruits and vegetables you are not familiar with. You can choose between a morning or afternoon class.

If you really want to learn some new cooking techniques, this class is for you. While you will have to arrange your way home, they do pick you up for the class. You even learn a few bargaining tips while shopping locally.

Remember to let them know if you have dietary restrictions at the time of booking.

Editor’s Note: Here I show you the Two Best Areas to be in Da Nang, with hotel recommendations in the best spots in the city.

Other Things to do in Da Nang

The city has many different activities to do. You may be interested in exploring some things outside of the city and there are some great tours and organized activities where you can meet people and see more of the country.

Da Nang is very close to Ba Na Hills and the Golden Bridge, Marble Mountain and Hoi An. These are all great places to take day trips to.

Editor’s Note: My tips are always there to help you plan a great trip. If you haven’t followed me for long, you may not know that I have celiac. That is why I always highlight gluten free things, for those who are fellow non-gluten eaters.

Gluten Free Steamed Buns

The traditional steamed buns or Banh Bao in Vietnamese, do usually have gluten in them. While this does depend on the cook, they are traditionally made with wheat flour. This dish has a strong influence from China where they are also made from wheat.

Other Gluten Free Dishes in Vietnam

Here are some of the traditional dishes that are usually gluten free:

  • Com dishes like com ga or com tam
  • Bun dishes like bun mam, bun bo
  • Hu tieu like Hu tieu nam vang
  • Pho is also safe

Are Rice Noodles Gluten Free

These are completely gluten free so you can these to your heart’s content. These will be Bun noodles when you are looking at the menu. You may be more used to the term vermicelli noodles.

Spring Rolls Gluten Free

The traditional spring rolls or goi cuon are gluten free as well. They are made with vermicelli noodles and wrapped in rice paper. The filling is pork or prawns with noodles and vegetables. They are usually served cold or room temperature.

Da Nang Cooking Class

Immersing myself into the culture is my favourite part of travelling. While you cannot possibly understand everything when you are tourist, I like to take in as much as possible. I loved the country-side, beach time and bustling cities in Vietnam.

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