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I was pleasantly surprised how many awesome gluten free products that I could find in Czech. You can always find things in the local grocery stores, but the health food stores are also packed with several different brands that I tried for the first time.

Did you know? Beef tartar is a traditional Czech dish. It is typically served with ground beef, onions, capers, oil, an egg and spices.

Gluten Free Products Czech Republic

It is always interesting to see the product variety in each country that I travel to and I delved deep into the gluten free market in Czech because my husband is Czech and we lived there for over a year. I was also learning the language, which helped a ton in my search. That is way I wanted to come up with this list for people like you, who don’t know the language.

Gluten Free Products List - Czech Republic

Breakfast was an easy meal to find gluten free substitutes for. I like to have bacon, omelettes and hashbrowns for breakfast, but nothing beats a good gluten free cereal for busy mornings. I don’t drink milk, so I always used almond or coconut milk. I was able to find the milk substitutes in every store as well.

Gluten Free Czech Cereals

Gluten free nestle corn flakes cereal
Gluten free yogurt cereal
Gluten free blueberry cereal
Gluten free chocolate yogurt cereal

Gluten Free Coffee in Czech

Most coffees are naturally gluten free. But unlike back home, instant coffee is more popular than regular home brew. This was my favourite gluten free instant coffee.

Gluten free velvet insta coffee

Gluten Free Groceries in Czech

I found many Schar products that I had never seen before in North America. The chocolate, bread and snack options were extensive. I also tried the pizza crust for the first time, and it made a great pizza night.

When visiting a Tesco, they have a great Free From section that had so many delicious gluten free products. I loved the noodle bowls as they were quick and easy to whip up any evening when we didn’t feel like cooking.

I fell in love with the belgium chocolate wafers, which is the closet chocolate bars to a Kit Kat I have ever had. I had always missed the Kit Kat, so I ate these often.

There was also many different types of gluten free sauces and pastas to choose from. I could find whatever I needed in any of the larger grocery stores in Czech.

Gluten free Sam Mills corn pasta
Gluten free casserole ingredients
Gluten free stir-fry ingredients

Gluten Free Snacks in Czech Stores

It is always a good idea to have gluten free snacks on hand at all times. My favourite was the Flapjack bars, which were quite large and filling. The gluten free sausages were also very good day trip snacks to fill me up while out on the road travelling.

Gluten free Raw bar
Gluten free Sens bar
Gluten free Flap Jack bar
Gluten free pork sausages

Traditional Czech Food and Products - Gluten Free

There were some local gluten free products that I thought were wonderful. I always ate fig newtons as a kid before my diagnosis and I found some great alternatives in Czech. The Celihope and Bazika bars were very close and a wonderful gluten free treat.

Gluten free celi hope bar
Gluten free Bazika bar

The Alaska gluten free treats were my favourite new find. There are many different types and they all have delightful creamy fillings. If I could pack my suitcase with something to take back to Canada with me, these would be them.

Gluten free Alaska cocoa cream
Gluten free Alaska hazelnut cream

The Vitana line of soups and spices were completely gluten free. The soups were a quick and easy side for supper or lunch, and it is always nice to have a spice brand that you can purchase for delightful meals at home. The Jordi’s chocolates are gluten free and made in the city of Hradec Kralove. They come in a wide range of cocoa percentage and flavours.

gluten free soup mix
Gluten free spice
Jordi's Gluten Free Chocolate

Czech Republic Food - Gluten Free

I learned a lot about the country and fell in love with it. The stores were packed with many different GF products that I had never seen before. Go and explore the grocery stores and see what you can find.

For a great GF resource to Czech Republic, click the link.

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