3 Best Cooking Classes in Hanoi

Gluten Free Pho

If you are looking for a cooking class in Hanoi, you are in the right spot. The cuisine in Vietnam is delicious and filled with lots of fresh ingredients. You can pick lemongrass, ginger, coriander, cinnamon and mint for your meal, which has a delightful aroma.

Wandering through the local markets is just one of the must-have experiences when you visit Hanoi. Freshness is really embraced in the culture where vegetables are eaten raw, briefly stir-fried or boiled. The meats are prepared in small pieces and cooked briefly to enjoy the flavour to the fullest.

You can find some amazing seafood here. You can see fresh fish, shrimp, crab, squid, clams and mussels in the local markets. Talk about farm to table service. As you can see food is the center of the true Vietnamese experience.

Best Cooking Classes in Hanoi

Getting to know the local cuisine is one of my favourite and fun things to do when I arrive at a completely new place.

Northern Cuisine Cooking Class in Hanoi

You get to enjoy a 4-hour experience with a guide who speaks English. You stop by a local market and learn about the ingredients and get to buy your own too. You will learn about traditional meals in a fun and interesting atmosphere.

You can pick a morning or afternoon class and get picked up at your hotel in the Old Quarter.

You start with your ingredients, making your sauces and preparing all the herbs and spices.

Advise of your specific dietary requirements when you book it.

cooking class hanoi

Private Cooking Class in Local Villa with Market Tour 

This cooking class starts with experiencing a local market where you pick up your own ingredients, learn about the food and go back to a beautiful villa to get cooking. You can tailor the meal by choosing three main dishes, a salad and one dessert.

Your instructor speaks English and really explains how the Vietnamese cuisine all melts together. You even walk away with a recipe book.

You can get picked up at your hotel and dropped off, which is very convenient.

Let them know about dietary restrictions when booking.

3 Easy Gluten Free Vietnamese Meals Recipes


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DIY: Vietnamese Cooking Class

You can choose a morning or afternoon class where you get a guided tour of the local market to learn more about all the fresh ingredients. You learn how to cook all these new items and then sit down to feast on your delicious meal.

You will learn about traditional cuisine and all the new spices where you can choose your meals and enjoy everything.

Of course, you should let them know about any dietary restrictions that you have.

Editor’s Note: If you haven’t booked your hotel yet, click here to see the Best Areas to Stay in Hanoi.

Editor’s Note: For those of you with celiac or eat gluten free for other health reasons, read on to learn more about some specific gluten free questions you should know. I have celiac and always highlight everything you need to know about eating gluten free in Vietnam.

Some terms that come in handy when reading menus:
Rang is a dry, pan-roasted dish without sauce or oil.
Xào tỏi is a stirfry with added garlic.
Xào sả ớt is with lemongrass and chilli pepper.
Luộc is cooked with boiling water.
Hấp is steamed.

Are Udon Noodles Gluten Free?

These noodles are made from wheat, so they are not gluten free. If you have celiac, food intolerances or allergies then you should stay away from these noodles for your cooking class and when shopping in the stores.

Are Rice Noodles Gluten Free?

Why yes, rice noodles are gluten free. There are tons of rice noodles used in Vietnam, so you can indulge with these at restaurants and when you are cooking at home.

Gluten Free Pho

This is a fantastic noodle bowl with a flavourful broth with meat and vegetables. It is served in a massive bowl and topped with spring onion, sprouts and herbs. I loved pho and ate it almost every day when I was in Vietnam.

Other Fun Things to do in Vietnam

Do not be afraid to try some local cultural events or go for for excursions into the country side.

There are amazing cave and island tours that you will love. The country side is beautiful and you will get some amazing photos.

Cooking Class Hanoi

Having a cultural cooking class in Vietnam was one of my favourite things to do. I not only learned about many new foods and herbs, but I met some amazing people in the cooking class.

The instructors can be invaluable with what types of food will work for me, needing to eat gluten free while I travel. I even got the instructor to help me find some restaurants who had gluten free soya sauce, which was so exciting.

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