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Travelling can be stressful sometimes when you have long travel days and layovers. If flying to Asia you may wonder, does China Airlines have gluten free meals? I wish there was a list airlines that offer gluten free meals, but I have yet to find it. So, I hope to be able to summarize my experience for you.

Gluten Free Airline Meals

When you can actually find an airline that can feed you gluten free meals, it is a life changer. I was provided two good gluten free meals and the air stewardess took it very serious, which always gives you comfort. Check out my experience on China Airlines. PS – they did a great job and have excellent service!!

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China Airlines Does Have Gluten Free Meals

The meals were good and completely filling. I couldn’t be happier with China Airlines and their attention to my needs as a celiac travelling on a long flight. Once I was seated, a flight attendant made sure that I had ordered gluten free meals. I had asked if she knew what they would be and she came back within 5 minutes to tell me. Click here if you want to see the China Airlines Menu. Gluten free is under the ‘nuture meal’ section.

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Cheers, I hope you enjoyed my lovely trek,

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