Gluten Free Experiences In The United States

There is no reason why you could not cross the entire United States while eating Gluten Free. To get you started, I have written down my experiences from some exciting places you shouldn’t miss.

Black sand beach on Big Island

10 Best Big Island Beaches and The Best Hikes

The Big Island of Hawaii is stunning. The colourful sand beaches, beautiful water and marine life are seen at every single corner of the island. I will tell you the best 10 beaches on the island to check out and 3 amazing hiking trails to see. You can always find a piece of paradise to relish for yourself. While many tourists head to the Big Island for a relaxing time, you can find a private

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Caterman Day Trip to Lanai

10 Best Things to do in Maui

I will show you the Best 10 Things to do in Maui! Through out the landscape you will see an assortment of greenery and colourful flowers, valleys, lookouts and pristine beaches. No matter what you are looking for, you can find it on Maui. What are people’s top activities? Well these are just a few that I hear all the time……. Beach time, Magical hikes, Cool road trip opportunities, Snorkeling, Fishing, Cultural activities, Helicopter rides

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things to do in oahu while visiting

15 Best Things to do in Honolulu

Oahu is a colorful island with magnificent landscapes to explore. I will give you the 15 Best Things to do in Honolulu. You will arrive at the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport and catch a ride downtown…hopefully near the beach 😉. Using Honolulu as a base and traveling for day trips from there is a great idea.  If you are an action seeker, you have found the right place. Amazing Things to do in Honolulu The city

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gluten free kona hawaii beach

Gluten Free Island Guide: Big Island, Hawaii

I will give you the best places to eat gluten free on the Big Island. My husband and I stayed there and explored so many beaches. I would say that the Big Island of Hawaii was my favourite island for nature. We checked out the Volcano National Park and it was a once in a lifetime experience. We will be back to the Big Island for sure. The restaurant scene was good and the island

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Honolulu Beach Gluten Free Oahu

Gluten Free Island Guide: Oahu, Hawaii

I have eaten at many amazing gluten free places in Oahu. My husband and I love the mix of beautiful beaches and big city life on the island. The night life in Honolulu is very vibrant with lots going on. I am sharing some delicious gluten free places that you can enjoy. My favourite area was Waikiki, so I will highlight places to eat in that area as well. I loved the ability to walk

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Beach in Hawaii

The Best Gluten Free Island in Hawaii

I am part of many FB groups and everyone always asks what the best Hawaiian island is for gluten free. There are many factors to consider and that is why I have summarized some important facts for you. The truth is, everyone is different and has different priorities and needs. That is why I cannot tell you the best island, because honestly, they are all good and you will have a great time no matter

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Maui beach

Gluten Free Island Guide: Maui, Hawaii

My husband and I fell in love with Maui. I was also able to successfully eat GLUTEN FREE in Maui! The food was delicious and I had an amazing time. The wonderful weather, the greenery, the ocean waves. It is truly paradise. You can watch beginner surfers, hang out on the beach, go for a relaxing yoga class or do some island adventure. There are so many things to do and see. I love to

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San Francisco Bridge

Gluten Free City Guide by a Local: San Francisco

Finally, a place where you can get all the best places to eat gluten free in San Francisco. The best advice on where to eat and how to live gluten free in any city is from a local. The inside perspective is the best when you are planning on travelling for work or on vacation. Not everyone has a friend or relative that has to eat gluten free, so learning about other people’s stories is

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Dishes on a table

Using Nima Gluten Sensor at PF Changs

While I was in Honolulu I was looking for a gluten free meal and I found the US chain restaurant, PF Changs. I was so excited to find a restaurant that offers gluten free. I have not seen this chain restaurant in Canada, so it was my first time there. PF Changs Gluten Free Menu For the Gluten Free Menu, click here. They let you know exactly what sauces they use in the different meals

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Mamas Fish House Meal in Maui

Gluten Free Travelling 2018 in Maui, Hawaii – Nima Gluten Sensor Testing E03

We were in Maui and took a drive just outside of Paia to Mama’s Fish House to eat some delicious gluten free lunch. The restaurant was completely packed at lunch. It was obviously a restaurant in high demand. What is Nima? The Nima gluten sensor allows you to test food for gluten. I know I was very excited to be able to perform a gluten food test. I used my trusty Nima Gluten Sensor to

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Gluten Free Traveller in Denny's Kona, HI

Travelling Gluten Free – Nima Gluten Testing – Denny’s, Kona, HI, USA

I used my Nima gluten sensor while eating out at restaurants in the Big Island of Hawaii!  I used it at Denny’s and I wanted to show you exactly how it went. Hawaii was so beautiful and one of the most amazing places that I have ever been. You have to check out the best Gluten Free Guide for the Big Island of Hawaii. Gluten Free in Kona Eating out in Kona was not a

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Waikiki beach in Honolulu

Travelling Gluten Free in Honolulu, Oahu Hawaii

We arrived in Honolulu with skyscrapers and busyness. Our Uber drove us downtown to the Waikiki area where our hotel was and we new we liked it. It was a different Hawaii than on Maui or the Big Island. Our room had amazing views of the skyline. While Oahu wasn’t necessarily on our Hawaii wish list, the flights onto Asia had horribly long layovers in Honolulu anyways. We thought we would check out the sights

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