Travel Gluten Free in Thailand

Thailand is a popular hotspot for travellers from around the world. Magical temples, lively tourist centers and secluded beaches can all be found in this beautiful country. Traveling gluten free is certainly possible but you should know a few things before you embark on your adventure. Read my articles to learn more. 

A bay in Thailand

The Ultimate Celiac Guide: Gluten Free Thailand

Is your dream to see the Phi Phi Islands or kayak around cliffs in the Gulf of Thailand? Are you letting celiac disease hold you back from ticking off a must-see place and following your dreams? I have the ultimate celiac guide to being gluten free in Thailand. There are many reasons why not to do something, but once you get past all the noise and focus on what you want, it CAN be done. There is gluten free food in Thailand, you just have

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A grocery store

Buying Gluten Free Food in Thailand

I want to share with you the gluten free groceries that you can buy in Thailand. I know that there is some serious anxiety about travelling and being able to find gluten free food to eat. The reason that I know, is that I have celiac diease and I live my life navigating the disease and eating gluten free. That is why I am so passionate about helping others to fullfil their goals of travelling

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A basket of vegetables

Gluten Free Cooking Class Fail in Thailand

Everyone talks about doing a cooking class in Thailand and I was excited about trying one. I found a few recommendations in Chiang Mai and booked a gluten free cooking class with my husband. Of course, I contacted them prior to make sure they could accommodate a gluten free cooking class. I was assured that they had in the past and could for me. Looking For A Gluten Free Class I have talked before about

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A meal in a restaurant in Chang Mai

100% Gluten Free Restaurant in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Is Thai food gluten free? Well, there was one exclusively 100% gluten free restaurant called Pink House Garden CakeAway in Chiang Mai, Thailand.We found this 100% gluten free restaurant on our first day roaming the streets and I ordered various fried rice dishes. It is located south of the old town and I have the address below for you to check out. How to Eat Gluten Free in Chiang Mai I have celiac and obviously

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A dish and Nima Gluten Sensor

Nima Gluten Sensor Saved Me!

I used the Nima Gluten Sensor at a restaurant that advertised gluten free meal options. I brought along my trusty Nima Gluten Sensor and it saved me. The meal looked delicious but before I ate it, I used the one-time use capsules and it came back with ‘Gluten Found.’ While I was bummed that I could not eat it, I was grateful that I did not eat it. Gluten Food Detector The manager/owner took the

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The beach in Ao Nang

Places To See In Ao Nang, Thailand

There are many places to see in Ao Nang and Krabi and I will tell you what is worth seeing. I was excited to see the beautiful islands around the Krabi area that I saw on Instagram. As we arrived from Khanom which had a slower pace we were expecting a lot of things to do and it did not disappoint. There are exciting places to see in Ao Nang. Transportation To Krabi We took

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A bowl of chips

Gluten Free Junk Food in Thailand

It does not matter who you are, you crave some sort of gluten free junk food or vice foods. For me, I love chips and chocolate and was searching for gluten free junk food in Thailand. Gluten Free Road Trip Snacks in Thailand Navigating a different country where you cannot read the labels and the labeling standards are not up to par is difficult. This is where I use NIMA, my trusty gluten sensor to

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A girl on a palm tree

Relaxing in Thailand

We were looking to settle down and get out of the hectic big city life of Thailand and looking for a relaxing holiday in Thailand. We extended our stay in this quaint town of Khanom after a few days because it was peaceful and slow paced. There are a lot of busy beaches in Thailand, but here we had miles of beach to ourselves. The driving is crazy compared to anything in North America. We

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Khanom Thailand Beach

Gluten Free Eating in Khanom, Thailand

We finally found our quiet retreat in Khanom, Thailand. We loved this small fisherman’s village and finally stayed for 9 nights somewhere. Think quiet, beach 5 minute walk away, bike 7 minutes into town, nice small streets to walk in the country. You can always drop me a line if you want to know where we stayed. How I Survived Eating Gluten Free in Thailand There were no gluten free restaurants in Khanom, I can’t

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a woman and a man cooking

Celiac and Non-Celiacs Travelling Together

I want to talk about living with celiac and travelling with others. In Koh Samui, we were with my husband’s friend who was a full-on gluten eater.I am talking bread for breakfast, lunch and supper kind of guy. Do you want to know how I survived while being a celiac, keep reading…. Game Plan for Living with Celiac Disease Educate About Celiac Disease Here you must be completely upfront about what Celiac is, discuss cross

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Grocery Store

Gluten Free Products in Thailand

If you want to know about gluten free products in Thailand, you have come to the right place. After all, I was there for one month and was all over the country finding gluten free products. After Bangkok, we took a short 1-hour flight to the island of Koh Samui. There weren’t any gluten free restaurants on the island of Koh Samui but I did rely on gluten free products. You may be asking where

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A statue in a temple in Bangkok Thailand

Travelling Gluten Free on China Airlines to Bangkok, Thailand

We are on our way to Bankgkok and it is my first time eating gluten free in Bangkok and it is my first time eating gluten free in Thailand. We leave Honolulu for Thailand in the afternoon and are flying with China Airlines to Bangkok. I was beyond happy with their service on this airline. They board the back of the plane first and then proceed forward to the front of the plane. I never

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