Nima Gluten Sensor

Having a handy gluten free tool to use when we are out of our home base is fantastic! I use Nima at new restaurants, in countries where there is a big language barrier and on GF products when I cannot read the ingredient list. Read on for my tips and tricks on to successfully use this product.

Testing for Gluten

Testing for Gluten

I have used the Nima Gluten Sensor since it was available in Canada and it is a welcomed addition for me to test food.  The main reason I purchased it was because I was travelling a lot and I would have significant language barriers as I was going all around the world. While that was the main reason, I wanted this product, I quickly found out that there are tons of other great scenarios where

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Nima Gluten Sensor and a vietnamese meal

How to Test for Gluten: My Top 3 Tips When Using the Nima Gluten Sensor

I am travelling around the world and have been using the Nima Gluten Sensor to test at restaurants and on food products, especially when I cannot read the labels. This is why I have come up with the top 3 tips for using the Nima Gluten Sensor for testing if food is gluten free. It has been a huge hit with me because I have so much more freedom while travelling. Language barriers are real,

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A dish and Nima Gluten Sensor

Nima Gluten Sensor Saved Me!

I used the Nima Gluten Sensor at a restaurant that advertised gluten free meal options. I brought along my trusty Nima Gluten Sensor and it saved me. The meal looked delicious but before I ate it, I used the one-time use capsules and it came back with ‘Gluten Found.’ While I was bummed that I could not eat it, I was grateful that I did not eat it. Gluten Food Detector The manager/owner took the

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A bowl of chips

Gluten Free Junk Food in Thailand

It does not matter who you are, you crave some sort of gluten free junk food or vice foods. For me, I love chips and chocolate and was searching for gluten free junk food in Thailand. Gluten Free Road Trip Snacks in Thailand Navigating a different country where you cannot read the labels and the labeling standards are not up to par is difficult. This is where I use NIMA, my trusty gluten sensor to

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Dishes on a table

Using Nima Gluten Sensor at PF Changs

While I was in Honolulu I was looking for a gluten free meal and I found the US chain restaurant, PF Changs. I was so excited to find a restaurant that offers gluten free. I have not seen this chain restaurant in Canada, so it was my first time there. PF Changs Gluten Free Menu For the Gluten Free Menu, click here. They let you know exactly what sauces they use in the different meals

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An airplane wing

China Airlines Gluten Free Menu

Travelling can be stressful sometimes when you have long travel days and layovers. If flying to Asia you may wonder, does China Airlines have gluten free meals? I wish there was a list airlines that offer gluten free meals, but I have yet to find it. So, I hope to be able to summarize my experience for you. Gluten Free Airline Meals When you can actually find an airline that can feed you gluten free

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A statue in a temple in Bangkok Thailand

Travelling Gluten Free on China Airlines to Bangkok, Thailand

We are on our way to Bankgkok and it is my first time eating gluten free in Bangkok and it is my first time eating gluten free in Thailand. We leave Honolulu for Thailand in the afternoon and are flying with China Airlines to Bangkok. I was beyond happy with their service on this airline. They board the back of the plane first and then proceed forward to the front of the plane. I never

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Mamas Fish House Meal in Maui

Gluten Free Travelling 2018 in Maui, Hawaii – Nima Gluten Sensor Testing E03

We were in Maui and took a drive just outside of Paia to Mama’s Fish House to eat some delicious gluten free lunch. The restaurant was completely packed at lunch. It was obviously a restaurant in high demand. What is Nima? The Nima gluten sensor allows you to test food for gluten. I know I was very excited to be able to perform a gluten food test. I used my trusty Nima Gluten Sensor to

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Gluten Free Traveller in Denny's Kona, HI

Travelling Gluten Free – Nima Gluten Testing – Denny’s, Kona, HI, USA

I used my Nima gluten sensor while eating out at restaurants in the Big Island of Hawaii!  I used it at Denny’s and I wanted to show you exactly how it went. Hawaii was so beautiful and one of the most amazing places that I have ever been. You have to check out the best Gluten Free Guide for the Big Island of Hawaii. Gluten Free in Kona Eating out in Kona was not a

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NIMA Gluten Sensor Testing Gluten free

See Me Testing the Nima Gluten Sensor

Testing with NIMA Gluten Sensor to see if there is gluten in my food. This is the first time that I used it and I didn’t do much research about exactly what I should be testing and how to do it. I am someone who learns by doing. That  being said, I make mistakes along the way and that can be annoying. Live and learn right? How Does Nima Sensor Work Here I am at

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