Enjoy All The Sights of the Czech Republic Gluten Free

Prague and other historical cities of the Czech Republic are breathtaking and unique in the world.  Are you eating Gluten Free? No reason to worry, the Czech Republic has the infrastructure to keep you happy and fed. There are plenty of gluten free restaurants, bakeries, cafes, healthy “fast” food chains, specialty stores and supermarkets with gluten free aisles. You just need to know where to look. Read on and find out. 

Charles Bridge

The Ultimate Celiac Guide: Gluten Free Czech Republic

Eating gluten free in Czech Republic is completely possible and getting better every year. I was originally visiting Czech every year because my husband’s whole family lives there. Then we made a massive change in our lives and decided to move there for over a year to spend more time with his family. I learned the language and immersed myself in the culture and learned so much about myself. Did you know that Czech is

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Gluten Free Grocery Store

Czech Gluten Free Products

I was pleasantly surprised how many awesome gluten free products that I could find in Czech. You can always find things in the local grocery stores, but the health food stores are also packed with several different brands that I tried for the first time. Did you know? Beef tartar is a traditional Czech dish. It is typically served with ground beef, onions, capers, oil, an egg and spices. Gluten Free Products Czech Republic It

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Brno city center

Gluten Free City Guide Brno, Czech Republic

There are many places to eat gluten free in Brno! It is a lively city filled with students and young professionals. The hip vibe is undeniable. Brno is the second largest city in the country and is in the south-east part of the country. The city has beautiful river views as the Svitava and Svratka rivers flow through it. Did you know? During the Thirty Years War the court, diet and land titles was moved

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Beautiful buidlings in Hradec Kralove

Gluten Free City Guide: Hradec Králové, Czech

I know how to live gluten free in Hradec Králové because I lived there for a year, so stay tuned for all my gluten free tips. We all know that Prague is amazing. What lots of travellers do not realize, is that there so many other awesome places to visit in Czech Republic, like Hradec. It is just an hour East of Prague and well worth a visit on anyone’s travel itinerary. What I love

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Prague old town

Gluten Free City Guide: Prague, Czech Republic

Since I lived in Prague for a month, I can really give you the down-low on everything gluten free in Prague. This is one of my favourite cities on earth. The medieval city is just so romantic. You can explore in the morning, afternoon and evening and it will literally take your breath away. Gluten Free Prague My tribe asked me the following questions and I am here to deliver: Where to find gluten free

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The Easy Gluten Free Guide to Prague, Czech Republic


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