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Having celiac is not only about not eating gluten. The lifestyle includes how to navigate eating at work, while we travel and how we interact with people in social settings. Eating gluten free literally affects our whole life. I cover topics that are important to me and my gluten free readers.

Camping in the mountains

Easy Paleo Camping Meals

Having a well thought out paleo meal plan for camping is the best! That is why I am here to help you with easy paleo camping meal ideas. Paleo camping is possible, and I love both!  I have a fabulous paleo meal plan that will be delicious, filling, and nutritious. If you are looking for paleo meals, that means you know the value of food. You understand that eating 7 or more servings of vegetables

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gluten free travel

What Has Gluten Free Travel Done for Me?

It might seem obvious that travel has many benefits because everyone does it. But when you have a dietary restriction, the excitement may tend to dwindle. That is why I want to explore what gluten free travel has done for me. Gluten Free Holidays Having fabulous gluten free holidays should be a focus for anyone who needs to eat gluten free. It is possible to plan and execute a flawless trip that you do not

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gluten anxiety while traveling

Live the Gluten Free Lifestyle You Have Always Wanted

When it comes to having celiac and eating gluten free, many of us come up with a list of reasons why a vacation or even a short trip is not a good idea. These roadblocks stood in my way too. Over time, I have been able to find ways to overcome my fears and find practical solutions. This changed my mindset and opened new possibilities for me. Now, I have travelled to 18 countries while

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Gluten Free Candy for Valentine's Day

Gluten Free Candy for Valentine’s Day

It is Valentine’s season and there are tons of gluten free candy and chocolate on the grocery store shelves. For those of us who eat gluten free, we may not be able to have all the seasonal candy, but there is still tons of sweets that we can try. Check out the list below of some awesome gluten free products to try. Gluten Free Valentines Day While many of my readers are looking things for

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Two girls happy in the sunset

Gluten Free Quotes

Words are powerful and shape the way we view the world and that is exactly why I made these gluten free quotes. Sometimes they are all we need to ignite change. Here is a collection of the 20 Best Gluten Free Quotes to inspire and motivate you to start exploring the Gluten Free Lifestyle anywhere! Let these words inspire you to live the life you’ve always wanted. We all know someone who makes snide comments

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gluten free bagels

Three Best Gluten Free Bagels

Sometimes all I want for breakfast is a toasted bagel smothered in cream cheese or honey and peanut butter. That is why I did some appraisals of gluten free bagels that I could find. Many people have other food sensitivities, so I didn’t want to leave those out either. Whenever something is egg-free or dairy-free I also highlight that. While my eating journey has changed over time, diary isn’t always my friend. Where to Purchase

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gluten free hamburger buns

Three Best Gluten Free Hamburger Buns

The days are becoming longer and you can actually be outside to enjoy the weather. That is when my BBQ skills get put to work the most. I have looked at many gluten free hamburger buns and I have my favourite now. Buying Gluten Free Buns? I like to do meal planning. So that means I have my meal ingredients on my grocery list before I go, so I can everything I need once I

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best gluten free breads

Three Best Gluten Free Breads

Everyone wants to have quick and easy lunches and snacks. Just because you cannot eat gluten doesn’t mean that you cannot have quick meals too! That is why I am giving you the best gluten free breads to narrow down your choices. For some of us, gluten isn’t the only thing that we don’t eat, so seeing that some are soy free, nut free and egg free are an extra bonus. Best Gluten Free Bread

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Gluten Free Christmas

Gluten Free Christmas Desserts

There are some amazing gluten free desserts to indulge on for any occasion, especially Christmas. Whether you are looking for something new or are looking for products that take into account your other allergens, these are some great options to try. There are even some gluten free gifts for the Celiac in your life or to put on your wish list. I love Christmas and the whole lead up to Christmas. Even if the weather

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a computer on a desk

Finding Your Local Celiac Association

Hello Everyone, I want to talk about getting support from your local celiac association. I know I have needed help in the past and have used these wonderful resources to learn about celiac disease and to know that I am not alone. As I venture out and travel the world I want to encourage others to do the same. My travels have been featured in national and local celiac canada chapter newsletter and magazines. I

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An airplane in the sky

Can you Fly Gluten Free with Air Asia?

Have you ever wondered if you can fly gluten free with Air Asia? Flying around the world when you have celiac can make you a bit anxious. I was using Air Asia on my travels in Southeast Asia and started by looking at their website online. It looked like they had allergens listed on many items, but not always. Consistency is important for anyone with celiac. Not all meal options are available on all flights.

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a woman and a man cooking

Celiac and Non-Celiacs Travelling Together

I want to talk about living with celiac and travelling with others. In Koh Samui, we were with my husband’s friend who was a full-on gluten eater.I am talking bread for breakfast, lunch and supper kind of guy. Do you want to know how I survived while being a celiac, keep reading…. Game Plan for Living with Celiac Disease Educate About Celiac Disease Here you must be completely upfront about what Celiac is, discuss cross

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