Explore Gluten Free Eating In Canada

Canada is a the second largest country in the world and has pristine nature everywhere you look. If you are travelling across the country, let me tell you where to eat gluten free. This is my home country and I love the gluten free scene here.

Victoria BC waterfront

Gluten Free Fast Food and Gluten Free Restaurants in Victoria, BC

The ultimate list of gluten free food chains in Canada and the United States can be found in a neat list, a dream come true for everyone who needs to eat gluten free. If you are travelling to BC and visiting the area of Victoria, Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands you will be in heaven with a full list of gluten free restaurants in the area. The Celiac Scene Imagine arriving to a city

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Gluten Free sausages on the barbeque

Gluten Free Saskatoon

I have always had a soft spot for delicious gluten free sausages and here are the best gluten free sausages in Saskatoon. My husband always makes fun of my obsession with sausages. I have an obsession with bacon, and my love affair for sausages is, at least, equally strong. I could not imagine giving them up after being diagnosed with celiac. Fortunatelly, I did not have to. While bacon mostly comes gluten free naturally, gluten

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Bessborough Hotel in Saskatoon

Gluten Free Living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

I know a lot about gluten free dining in Saskatoon as I lived there for 16 years and have come to know what stores and restaurants have to offer. There are a lot of things to do in Saskatoon if you live there or are just visiting. Gluten Free Restaurants in Saskatoon Saskatchewan There are actually many gluten free restaurants in saskatoon for people who have celiac or are eating gluten free for other reasons.

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