Buying Gluten Free Food in Thailand

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I want to share with you the gluten free groceries that you can buy in Thailand. I know that there is some serious anxiety about travelling and being able to find gluten free food to eat. The reason that I know, is that I have celiac diease and I live my life navigating the disease and eating gluten free. That is why I am so passionate about helping others to fullfil their goals of travelling while not getting sick.

Buying Gluten Free Food in Thailand​

There are some big chain grocery stores in Thailand that you will be able to buy gluten free groceries at. We were all over the country and the best ones are Top Market, larger Tesco locations and Rimping.

Deciding Where to Stay

When you are planning your trip to Thailand, location is always very important. A consideration when you must cook your own meals is where the grocery stores are located. You can always get transportation to purchase your groceries if you are not walking distance to a store. Transportation costs in Thailand are very reasonable when comparing to Canada or the United States. You may also be using a scooter to get around and in that case, you can drive and get your groceries easily.

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Purchasing dragon fruit for gluten free meal

Grocery Stores in Major Tourist Locations

Chiang Mai


Koh Samui


What We Found In Chiang Mai - Gluten Free Thai Food

In Chiang Mai, we were close to a Rimping grocery store, so we stocked up on items there. There was a small section in the bakery where I found gluten free bagels and bread. I was beyond excited to find these staples because snacks and packing food for day trips is a lot quicker and easier.

The gluten free bread products were quite good, and I was very excited to find them. As you know, eating gluten free bread products, you will find duds, whether it is dry or just doesn’t taste good. I am excited to tell you that the bread and bagels that I found at the Rimping grocery store to be quite good and not dry at all.

There are numerous Rimping stores in Chiang Mai and the one we went to was in the Maya Shopping Mall. Chiang Mai also has Top Market, so depending on where you are located you can find these stores and some good gluten free products.

I also found some gluten free cereal and almond milk for breakfast. It was nice to diversify my breakfast and snacks and to have options that were quick.

Here is a sneak peak at what it is like shopping in this grocery store:

Some of the gluten free products that I was able to purchase at Rimping in Chiang Mai:

Gluten Free Groceries in Thailand

Some of the gluten free products I was able to find in Top Market in Koh Samui: 

Gluten Free Groceries in Koh Samui

Gluten Free Junk Food

I know you are wondering, is Thai food gluten free? Throughout the country you will find an abundance of convenience stores and 7Elevens. Here you can stock up on junk food. I did some research and found some gluten free chips that you can eat to your hearts content. By research, I mean using the Nima Gluten Sensor and eating them myself. Check it out here for the gluten free junk food in Thailand.

Local Markets - Thai Food Gluten Free

While travelling in Thailand, I relied on the local food markets to get fresh vegetables and fruit. No matter where we were, we were close to a market that we would access. You will find reasonable prices on items like fresh vegetables, fruit and eggs.

In Chiang Mai there is a daily night market on Chang Klan Road, a Saturday night market on Prat u Chiang Mai (Chiang Mai Gate/Wua Lai Road) and on Sunday there is huge night market as well on Ta Pae Road.

Do not be scared of shopping at the local markets. I had a great time finding new things and mingling with the locals to find fresh produce. In case you missed it, here is what it is like shopping at the local Thai markets for naturally gluten free food in Khanom.

How it is as a Celiac in Thailand - Gluten Free Thai

Overall, eating gluten free in Thailand was completely within my reach. Once I found the local markets and the grocery stores that were nearest to me, I was able to prepare many meals for my husband and I.

If you are thinking about your next vacation but worried about eating gluten free, consider Thailand. It was completely doable. The only thing you would have to do is be prepared to cook many of your meals. I love to cook and transitioned many years ago to cooking many of meals due to having celiac disease.

If you are interested in improving your cooking skills prior to travelling, here are some cookbooks that you can experiment with.

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If you are looking for the Ultimate Celiac Guide: Gluten Free in Thailand, click the link.

I want to encourage those people who want to travel but are nervous because of their gluten free diet. I did it and so can you!

Let me know about your experiences in Thailand or another country. Send me a comment below or email. Follow me on Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest.

Cheers, I hope you enjoyed my lovely trek,

Brett Duncan – The Ultimate Gluten Free Traveller

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