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I am a Passionate Gluten Free Celiac Traveller

Brett Duncan Gluten Free Traveller

Hi, I’m Brett! Thanks for stopping by. I am the Ultimate Gluten Free Traveller. FYI – I am not a doctor and everything included in my blog is based on my own personal experience as someone who has celiac disease.

The Mission

I Am Committed To Inspiring People With Celiac To Travel The World And Explore The Limitless Opportunities To Live Gluten Free Anywhere.

Brett Duncan Gluten Free Traveller

Travelling has changed my life for the better and I know that it will for you too. I didn’t let my disease hold me back and I strive to develop myself through new cultures, foods and experiences.

Have you ever wondered:

  • “Can I travel GF in Thailand?”
  • “Will I see Bali one day?”
  • “How can I plan my first gluten free trip?”
  • “How do I travel with someone who doesn’t have celiac?”
  • “What do airlines have for gluten free meals?”
  • “How do I plan a European adventure while eating gluten free?”
  • “What is the best GF bread?”
  • “What chocolate can I have at Valentines day?”

If you answered yes to any of the questions, you are in the right place. I asked those same questions too. You are not alone. I curate gluten free travel guides and share gluten free lifestyle advice.

My passion is for everyone to have a Celiac Life Without Borders.

How I became the Ultimate Gluten free Traveller

While I always loved to travel, I really got into travelling with my husband as we went to Europe every year to visit his family. I fell in love with the Czech Republic and all the beautiful buildings and culture everywhere. This is how I came to be the Ultimate Gluten Free Traveller and have visited almost 20 different countries while eating gluten free.

I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2014 and made my progress with the disease over time. It was not always easy, but I tend to look on the positive-side of things and found my peace with eating gluten free for life.

I am surprisingly good at not eating gluten in foreign countries, so I want to share it with others. We saved up, down-sized and quit our jobs to travel the world. I hope to share my experience with celiac disease as I travel to give you a peek into our unique lifestyle, stay tuned for our adventures…..

Where I grew up

I am from a small town in Saskatchewan, Canada. While I may be a small town girl, I love exploring and getting completely out of  my comfort zone.

Check out where I spent my childhood summers and more time in the winter once my parents moved there full-time. Not to mention that my husband does not enjoy the long winters, which is partly why we are travelling in hot places.

Why Follow Me

After some life changing experiences, I got hooked on sharing them with people. Whether you are celiac or eat gluten free for other health reasons, I have you covered.

So follow my journey, discover gluten free adventure and live life to the fullest. Subscribe below.


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