Gluten Free Cooking Class Fail in Thailand

A basket of vegetables

Everyone talks about doing a cooking class in Thailand and I was excited about trying one. I found a few recommendations in Chiang Mai and booked a gluten free cooking class with my husband. Of course, I contacted them prior to make sure they could accommodate a gluten free cooking class. I was assured that … Read more

Finding Your Local Celiac Association

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Hello Everyone, I want to talk about getting support from your local celiac association. I know I have needed help in the past and have used these wonderful resources to learn about celiac disease and to know that I am not alone. As I venture out and travel the world I want to encourage others … Read more

100% Gluten Free Restaurant in Chiang Mai, Thailand

A meal in a restaurant in Chang Mai

Is Thai food gluten free? Well, there was one exclusively 100% gluten free restaurant called Pink House Garden CakeAway in Chiang Mai, Thailand.We found this 100% gluten free restaurant on our first day roaming the streets and I ordered various fried rice dishes. It is located south of the old town and I have the … Read more