100% Gluten Free Restaurant in Chiang Mai, Thailand

A meal in a restaurant in Chang Mai

Is Thai food gluten free? Well, there was one exclusively 100% gluten free restaurant called Pink House Garden CakeAway in Chiang Mai, Thailand.We found this 100% gluten free restaurant on our first day roaming the streets and I ordered various fried rice dishes. It is located south of the old town and I have the address below for you to check out.

How to Eat Gluten Free in Chiang Mai

 I have celiac and obviously do not want to get sick. While some restaurants told me they could provide gluten free meals, they did not truly understand what it takes to prepare a meal safe for someone with celiac. Once I found this place I was beyond excited to be able to eat Thai food that is gluten free.

Gluten Free Thai Food

Gluten Free Thai Food: Do Not Let First Impressions Fool You

The meal was really tasty, but do not let first impressions veer you from this place. I ate successfully and did not get glutened. By first impressions, I mean that we were the only ones there at the time and the menu is literally a hand-written menu. Most often when you ask questions at any restaurant the staff would say yes to anything we asked. It all goes back to the ‘yes’ culture in Thailand, you can get a yes to whatever you desire. I did not want to get sick in Thailand and I made it without getting glutened or food poisoning in part because of finding places like this where I could eat out at.

Gluten Free Breads or Deserts

The other amazing thing about this gluten free restaurant is that you can pre-order bread or cakes the day before and pick it up.

I ordered some gluten free bread from the restaurant and it was very good, soft and moist and it lasted for at least 3 days before I ate it all. It was better than any bread that I could purchase back in Canada in a grocery store. I would definitely recommend to pre-order through their Facebook page and pick some lovely bread up the next day. Planning ahead is nothing new for people with celiac and when travelling, you have to do some planning.

While I did not pre-order any of the deserts, the pictures that they post on their Facebook page look delicious.

Gluten Free Bread

Celiac Customers Are the Best

Once a celiac finds a gluten free restaurant that they can successfully eat at, they are the most loyal customers. They also bring business, as whoever they travel with must come and eat at the same place. I came back here almost daily for at least one meal with my husband. I hope one day that businesses realize that if they make a gluten free kitchen process, they can make a lot of money off of us.

Things to do in Chiang Mai​​

We stayed in Chaing Mai for 4 days and it is an exciting and lively city. While there are many temples and history to see right in the city, there are many other places around the city to see for day trips. Dorota has a fabulous guide to things to do in Chiang Mai to check out.

Gluten Free Thai Meal

Thailand can be very hot and we were there in March and that was no exception. There is no better way to cool off then having a cool drink. I liked to order a coconut for my drink. That day it was 35 degrees Celsius and I needed to be replenished before we went walking to see some more temples.

Gluten Free Sauces That They Use

I must be an annoying customer, because I ask so many questions. Once the meal arrived, I thought that I should double-check about the sauces that they used. I got my hands on the bottle and was ecstatic that it had a gluten free symbol on the bottle.

Gluten Free in Thailand

Being able to find these gems while in Thailand was great and when I did, I ate at them religiously. I also was able to shop at the local grocery stores to find good food products that were gluten free. I have it all summarized all of the gluten free products in Thailand for you.

Restaurant Details:

Address: 19 Wua Lai 2 Alley, Chiang Mai 501000, Thailand

Hours of operation: noon – 10pm (Closed on Sunday)

If you are looking for the Ultimate Celiac Guide: Gluten Free in Thailand, click the link.

Let me know about other restaurants that you have had success on or did not have a good experience. Send me a comment below or email. Follow me on Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest.

Cheers, I hope you enjoyed my lovely trek,

Brett Duncan – The Ultimate Gluten Free Traveller

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  1. I wonder if “getting glistened” is the proper medical term? ? So happy your eating well and being well. I will keep following your journey, you’re such a great writer!


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